Progress Report

Admittedly I forgot to continue updating on my final project while I was working on it. However at this point I have gotten really far into the project since it actually works now!

To start off I had to decide the type of set up for my twitter bot. I knew that I wanted to make it inspirational and have those animal facts. I decided to make the inspirational side I would come up with short phrases that reminded me of the traditional cheery inspirational phrases you see all over social media. Originally I only had 20 starts but as of the time of this blog post I have 30 unique starts. I had originally planned to not create that many starts because I thought that repetition of beginnings would tie the tweets all together. Looking at it now however I think I might try to add more inspirational starts to help create a little more diversity in the types of tweets I get. Ultimately I will keep the number of starts lower then the animal fact because I still enjoy the idea of having a kind of repetition in the beginning of the tweets.

A lot of the time in my project was starting to curate the animal facts. It is easy to find animal facts of course however I wanted to be selective and careful about my choices. Particularly considering that I wanted to make sure that all the facts I had were actually correct. So I spent a good time trying to double check all the facts and hopefully through that vetting process all the ones I added to my bot are correct and I am not contributing to misinformation.(If anyone see’s otherwise please feel free to let me know!)

Once I started actually working on the bot itself beyond the values I found it was easier than I had worried about. I used Dr. Whalen’s pre-release copy of the SSBot to make my bot. By following the laid out instructions inside the set up sheet I was able to make it work. I did run into some issues along the way. When I first set up the bot I used a method with an x+y constructor however when I went to preview it in the generate preview it kept making the values undefined. While I tried to understand how I had messed up with my construction I found another work around to make it operate properly. Instead of using the x+y sheet I used a column sheet that was originally for individual words in each column. Rather than just a single word in each column I simply put each phrase into the column. This made it work perfectly when I generated the preview. Another issue I had was when I went to authenticate my twitter bot application I realized that I had forgotten to make sure that I gave the app permission to both read and write the spreadsheet in both the API section and the Token section. Once I did that it worked just how I wanted it to.

Once I had finally gotten all of those elements to work then I started actually using my bot on Twitter. I set it up to post ever 30 minutes so that I could have lots of results and see what problems needed to be fixed. After a period of time I went back and started going back through all the tweets looking for structure, syntax, spelling, and grammar errors. Currently I am now at the stage where I am still working on adding additional starts and animal facts to make the bot more robust, as well as continuing to edit it’s content.

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