Final Evaluation

This final evaluation goes over the completed Twitter bot final project for this semester. First going over the initial reasoning for the projects creation, and then moving through the successes and set backs throughout the projects creation. It will then continue with the resources used for the project, and the timeline of the projects creation. Finally it will conclude with the outcomes at the projects conclusion.

This project was intended to create a fun and informative Twitter bot that combined semi-inspirational starts with facts about animals. It was intended to be fun and make people laugh while learning some fun facts. The goals of the project stayed the same from the proposal.

The actual bot that resulted from my project went well in the end. It worked in the way that I had planned it to and made sense with the parameters I had set for it. Originally there was an issue as I tried to set it up in one particular type of formatting however I went back and altered the way that I constructed my bot by organizing it through columns formatting to make the bot behave the way that I wanted. If I had to do this project over again I think I would have liked to expand my bot more than I was able to for this project. I would also consider working on a way to create more then one bot with similar purposes and evaluate the ways that they worked functionally to expand my understanding of how Twitter bots operate.

The resources that helped me the most with my project were the actual sheet I worked on as well as Dr. Whalen’s assistance. The sample bot sheet I worked from to construct my project was intuitive and I only had to ask Dr. Whalen for a few issues of clarity when I had messed up and wrongly imputed a portion of my project. I did not have to use much outside resources however as it was rather straightforward.

I generally stuck with same schedule I proposed I did end up spending more time verifying and collecting facts on animals then I previously needed, in the pursuit of validity. I did end up having to revise a little bit my time then to make sure that the time I had for actually working on the bot itself. I also allotted 24 hours extra than planned to let my bot run so that I could find and then fix any potential issues in formatting or syntax before the project deadline.

In reviewing my proposal I met my goal of creating a functioning Twitter bot that produced semi-inspirational starts mixed with animal facts. I believe that it did meet the goal of being both informative and fun since when I showed people the bot they were interested in animal facts they had not previously known, they also laughed at the bots tweets so it reached the fun aspect. Ultimately the project was a success because it worked as planned and caused people to learn about animals. It was also incredibly fun to create and I am proud with my resulting product and happy that I chose to create a Twitter bot as my final project. Especially since I have been curious about how Twitter bots work for a few years now and enjoyed the opportunity to make my own.

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