The Proposal

My project is to create a Twitter bot that combines a deep sounding introduction followed by a randomized fact about animals. To complete this project I will have to learn how to make Twitter bots for a larger digital community. It will require time to think about how I want to structure my generated tweets and looking at resources on how to make bots.

My project is intended to be something fun but also informational. Since it is on Twitter it is out there for a larger community to see, however I will also tell people about it through my own digital networks. The combination of facts and a bit of humor I believe are beneficial to support learning in a fun way.

There are plenty of potential things to go wrong. At first I think my main issue will be trying to figure out how to properly get my bot to work. Using resources I will try to follow to make sure that it is operational. I also will have to figure out how to work on syntax to make a pattern that works well for what I want to do. So there will be lots of test runs as I try to figure out what works best especially within the character limit.

To get this done I will need lots of time to figure bots out. Dr. Whalen has already directed me to his bot making form and I have started with that as my base of trying to figure out where to go next. I will also have to look at perhaps python coding again to figure out how to compile the facts from my project. Plus I will need time to come up with the word patterns and facts.

My first goal by the 29th of November is to have an operational twitter bot that works. The remaining week will be spent making sure that I get it to produce the right kind of phraseology I want it to. Once I officially start the project I will create little deadlines each week to make sure I stay up to task on my work.

I know my project will be successful if it works properly and follows what I intend it to do. Grading then I suppose should be based on the functionality of the bot and  that it has some kind of impact.

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