New Manifesto

It is fair to say when I started this project I was overambitious.However that being said I knew I was being ambitious about what I could accomplish over the course of the time allotted and aimed for best case scenario. After working through the book and having set backs (plus other classes work) I have come up with some new aims for this work.

I am stepping down my goal to have a full understanding of python. Realistically this is not possible to accomplish in the timeline of the course. I hope post-course to work on improving my understanding on python. For the rest of the time I want to get better at the text manipulation portion of python because that is where I have more interest and understand it better then the other sections. As for a final project to come out of working with python I might still do a twitter bot related to images. I am going to work on the image chapter and see how well I understand to decide if I will do this. Otherwise my other idea would be to make a site similar to the word generating one we played around with in chapter one. However instead of generating poems I would make a site that generated motivational sayings as another project idea.


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