Chapter 5

Why Chapter 5 made me want to give up.

To make it short I spent one week struggling to make the one function work properly turns out that I was supposed to have two underscores at the beginning and end of init which was all together rather frustrating but it taught me a new lesson for the book. Whenever I have a problem now I need to keep reading for at least two pages to see if I can find the solution somewhere else in the book. One I realized I needed to do that turns out I had actually understood how to do it from the start which was great to realize but it took far too long.

The next section on Converting numbers to signs was actually kind of fun and made sense so I went ahead and moved to factorials. Which is when I realized that I am not great at factorials. (Also that I can not say that word properly.) So unfortunately I allowed myself to get bogged back down into the problem and spent way too long in it struggling. I even enlisted a math major to help me conceptually try to work through it like math. However in the end the factorials were just a little too much for me. Especially since I could not understand the practical uses for the factorial exercises. So ultimately I had to skip over some of the ending factorial exercises for now to move ahead in the book. If I have problems later while I advance in the book then I will go back and work on them if needed.

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