Chapter 2 & 3

For the sake of making too many unnecissary blog posts I decided to group chapters 2 & 3 together.

Chapter 2 summed up briefly made absolute sense to me. I understood the basic steps it took me through and the difference between valid and intentional programs. I had a late start to completing chapter 2 but that was because of my original issues with figuring out how to run Juypiter notebook. After that was cleared up I felt confident in what I learned in this chapter.

Double Double was the main concept of chapter 3.  The task of the chapter was playing around with the double function.


I followed along easily enough working through the chapter and looking at what this function could and could not do. It was informative to figure out how to figure it out. Most of the guesses I made for what would happen were incorrect but it is a learning process and I certainly have been learning.

The free project at the end of the chapter did give me a bit of trouble. Mostly because I tried to either add too much into a function (like repeating variables) or used improper syntax. So here are examples of two double functions that did not work but that I tried to make work for awhile before realizing it was not going to work.

two-and-done floating-element

In the end this was my edit of the double function that was not only valid but also intentional.


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