A Manifesto for Programming

I am excited to get into this project for the next portion of the semester. Prior to now I have only ever learned some Internet languages mainly HTML and CSS. I had always wanted to get into programming but the involvement of math had always made me a bit wary of how well I could actually learn programing. Reading through the introduction of the book I got very excited for what is to come in this project. Approaching coding from a creative standpoint makes it feel less intimidating and more within my reach. I spend a lot of time working and learning with new technology but coding has always felt like the next big step I needed to learn in able to go farther in my knowledge. From what I read so far in this book I think it is a great resource for starting that next journey. My largest anxiety presently is about how well my math skills will factor into the actual code based learning. I know that we will not be graded on our ability to code but I would actually really enjoy leaving class with that knowledge, or at least a foundation of knowledge, that I can build upon for the future to learn more. To keep down my anxiety about the technical side I will try to remind myself to take the creative approach the book pushes, because thinking of it as a fun creative activity will make it easier to get through. However even though it will be thinking of it in a creative way I will still make sure to stay firm to deadlines and realize that creativity for courses needs to adhere to a timeline instead of going off the deep of intense creativity. (That is for post-semester continued learning when creativity has no deadlines.) In terms of projects I have yet to firmly commit to a project, however in class we talked about Twitter bots and those have really interested me lately so there is a chance I may pursue something in that realm of project. At the end of this project in order to feel that I have been successful I will need to have completed whatever project I finally settle on to the best of my coding skills and that seeks to fulfill the creative vision I had in mind. I want to end this project with a tangible result that I can use to branch off of to learn more and as a creative testament to this semester.

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  1. I’m always a fan of twitter bots! And with some Python and maybe Processing, it might be cool (and ambitious) to try for a visual bot of some sort — that is, something that creates graphics like @MothGenerator.

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