A Coding Environment

The first step to in this book was to create our coding environment. In order to set up a coding environment I created a coding folder on my computers desktop to house my work locally. That is where I will maintain all of projects throughout this class. There is a chance I will include subfolders if eventually the content calls for more organization, but for now it’s just a pretty little coding folder. I have several text editors already installed on my computer including Brackets, Text Wrangler, and Sublime. Since the book specifically mentions the text editor Text Wrangler for Macs I am going to work with this editor specifically. Mostly this is just incase the book references specific things you need to do with in an editor I can save time from trying to figure out the equivalent in my own text editor. To make my work public I will be using a projects subdomain for this course to share my work at http://projects.libertylikethestatue.com I have used it before to host work and I think it is a good source for organizing my projects. For me I believe that this is a coding environment that will work well and be effective in maintaining and showcasing my work. I have also used this similar format previously when I learned HTML and CSS coding and in DGST 101 so I know that I can successfully follow this path.

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