The Proposal

My project is to create a Twitter bot that combines a deep sounding introduction followed by a randomized fact about animals. To complete this project I will have to learn how to make Twitter bots for a larger digital community. It will require time to think about how I want to structure my generated tweets […]

Chapter 1

In the first chapter we had an exercise with learning how to modify code. I enjoyed this exercise because it made perfect sense to me. Mostly it meant editing the HTML or CSS inside of the code and I already have a familiarity with those. For my project then I messed around with the Perverbs […]

A Coding Environment

The first step to in this book was to create our coding environment. In order to set up a coding environment I created a coding folder on my computers desktop to house my work locally. That is where I will maintain all of projects throughout this class. There is a chance I will include subfolders […]

A Manifesto for Programming

I am excited to get into this project for the next portion of the semester. Prior to now I have only ever learned some Internet languages mainly HTML and CSS. I had always wanted to get into programming but the involvement of math had always made me a bit wary of how well I could […]